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Living in The Hudson Valley offers the best of both worlds; you get to enjoy clean country living while being close enough to the big city. However, the Hudson Valley’s charm is also what gives some people they’re biggest complaints concerning their homes: the older houses leave a lot to be desired in terms of having quality insulation.

Whether you are struggling to keep your home warm in the winter or cool in the summer, or you’re finding it hard to block out noises from the outside or even from one room to the next, you need to improve the insulation in your home.

You could try to install new insulation yourself, but purchasing fiberglass insulation from the hardware store is really only meant for your attic insulation needs. In order to insulate your home with rolls of insulation, you would need to break open your walls.

Foam Insulation

When your home needs quality insulation installed, you need an insulation contractor you can trust. Foam Equity is the most trusted name in insulation contractor services in NY. When you need to make your home more energy efficient or soundproofed, you need us to assist you. 

What sets our spray foam insulation companyapart from other spray foam contractor services is our dedication to quality products and services. We provide you with only the best in spray foam insulation with fast, reliable service and high quality products. We go beyond store purchased fiberglass to guarantee you the best finished product.

Our Team

Foam Equity Spray Foam Insulation is family owned and operated and live locally here in Wallkill, NY. Because our team is from the same place you and families are, we give the added touch of care you won’t find from anyone else.

Our company is a subsidiary of MS Management & Construction LLC which gives us an edge in assisting you. With knowledge of home construction, we can optimize the layouts of your homes better than anyone else. This allows us to work faster and more efficiently when we service your house.

We offer several different spray foam insulation services to make sure your home gets the treatment it needs. By offering the right service for your home, we can insulate it better than any other spray foam insulation company. Choose us when you need professional:

  • Closed Cell Spray Foam
  • Open Cell Spray Foam
  • Retrofit Spray Foam
  • Bedroom Insulation
  • Attic Insulation
  • And more!

No matter what your home insulation needs are, we can make sure your house becomes more energy efficient and quieter than ever before.

Why Spray Foam?

Spray foam insulation is superior to traditional rolls or blocks of insulation. With sprayed polyurethane foam insulation, you’re blocking air leaks better than ever before. The thick layer of sprayed foam seals and expands, giving you a better volume of coverage, as well as producing a better layer of insulation than sheets of fiberglass.

Whether you’ve chosen to move into an existing home that needs new spray foam insulation, or you’re having our company  MS Management & Construction LLC build you a brand new home, our top quality spray foam insulation is the best choice for you!

Traditional fiberglass insulation is often chosen because it is a cheap insulation option. However, despite the small price tag, you have to use multiple layers to achieve your desired insulation outcome. In the end, you’re paying more and spending more time and effort using an inferior quality product.

But with the best name in spray foam insulation, you may reduce your home’s utilities bills by half! Our quality installation with top grade foam insulation will ensure that your home is protected from both the interior and exterior walls.

Spray foam insulation is thicker and installed faster than traditional fiberglass insulation. Rather than having to install insulation in rows of rolls or blocks, we use a heated pressurized hose to distribute the insulating foam quickly and easily. You’ll be amazed at how fast your home becomes better insulated!

Our Services

Depending on your needs and what areas of your home you need insulated, we will discuss what the best option is for your insulation. Whether you need great quality closed cell, open cell, retrofit, or other insulation services, you won’t find a better team than us.

Closed Cell

Quality closed cell spray foam will do more than just keep out air and water from the outside. When you have closed cell spray foam, the insulation is added to the home’s exterior. Not only does this waterproof and weatherproof your home, it helps reduce outside noises and even strengthen the integrity of your walls. When you need the best in total home insulation, you can have us provide you with the best in local closed cell spray insulation!

Open Cell

Open cell spray foam is a popular choice because it’s affordable spreads fast. Although it may require additional applications to achieve the thickness you desire, it’s among the most affordable options available on the market. This can help you achieve lower building costs and reduce your monthly utility bills easily.


Retrofit foam insulation is the best choice in total home insulation. Rather than pretty sprayed, retrofit insulation is typically injected into the home’s exterior walls. It is among the thickest foam insulations available, achieving the most cost-effective way to reduce leaks in your walls. No matter what type of building material your home is made of, you can have quality retrofit foam insulation installed in your walls.

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When you’re ready to reduce your home’s monthly energy bills and have a far more efficient home, then you need to call Foam Equity. With fast, reliable service and the affordable installations you need, you’ll make your home quieter and warmer for less. We carry the best quality foam installation products to give you the best job each time you call us. You can reach us at 845.851.8315 or by filling out our easy-to-use online customer contact form to schedule us!